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North Carolina operates under the NC MACHINERY ACT which mandates that individual Counties reappraise all property in their County either on a four or eight year cycle. During the year of the reappraisal or any year of the reappraisal cycle, a taxpayer may appeal the appraised value of their property. The taxpayer may appeal any property valuation in the county, so long as the taxpayer owns property in the county. It is very important to note that, under the NC MACHINERY ACT, the value that a taxpayer is contesting is the value of the property as of the last reappraisal date. Counties are not allowed to raise or lower tax values during non-reappraisal years due to economic cycles, i.e. if a property sells for more or less than a County’s tax value, the County cannot raise or lower that value during a non-reappraisal year. The tax value must always be tied to the base year of the last reappraisal.

Contacts for the State of NC: TerryJamesAllison, BrentBrad